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Which version of QuickBooks should I get?
We can support you with versions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005. You should invest in QuickBooks Pro® if you want to record employee timecards, need to track and bill for time (job hours), want to create customer Estimates, or bill customers with Percent-Completion (Progress) Invoices. Simple-Start & industry-specific versions are also available, as well as an on-line subscription version.  A comparison of these all  is here.
Version 4.0 and earlier were not Y2K compliant and are no longer supported by Intuit. Version 5.0, while otherwise compliant, has a few non-fatal payroll bugs.
Most of our clients are still happy with Version 6.0 or 99. These are the only versions which allow you to run payroll from downloadable tax tables. (Tax-table services were terminated at the end of 2002, but non-Intuit patch programs are available that usually permit basic payroll computations.)  Later versions require web access & additional charges for payroll operation.
Interface changes, company privacy, internet connection and and enforced subscription issues in Version 2000 disappointed many users, and we do not recommend you use this version. Many of these issues have been corrected in the more recent versions, which we can again recommend, especially if you do not have to run payroll or use an outside payroll service.
These later versions will require an additional $199 subscription to Intuit if you wish to run the program's payroll functions. There are also additional fees to use some of the optional  features found in recent editions of the software, such as web-storage, on-line customer access, faxing from within QB, etc.
What about Peachtree for my accounting needs?
Current reviewers of small business accounting software concede that Peachtree® has pretty much evolved from a hard-to-master program, and is competing head-to-head with Quickbooks in ease of use for non-accountants. A little less flexible to use, especially in correcting previous entry errors. Stronger than QB in inventory management and e-commerce functions. The "Complete" version adds job costing, time tracking and an audit trail. ANB on-line version is available too. A comparison of Peachtree products is here.
Other Programs
What if you're not using these programs? Maybe your business is small or new enough that you are working in a handwritten ledger. Perhaps you are using a home financial program like Quicken® , or perhaps a generic spreadsheet to track your business income and expenses. With 20 year experience with single-entry and double-entry small firm accounting, including working with many other software packages, be assured that we can support your needs and improve your procedures, and move you to the most appropriate solution for your business operation.