Accounting (Archive)

Diversys Accounting
  • Set up, revise chart of accounts and other lists for speed and ease of use.
  • Review and clean up data for optimum reporting and management use.
  • Customize accounting system to best fit your business practices, ownership and working methods.
  • Create memorized recurring transactions and reports.
  • Set up employee files, payroll and other taxes for which you are liable
  • Transaction data entry — purchases, expenses, sales, receipts, deposits, etc.
  • Compute and issue payroll checks.
  • Customer or client accounts receivable maintenance — invoicing and monthly statement preparation.
  • Reconcile bank and credit card statements. Maintain detailed ledgers for asset, liability & equity activity.
  • Vendor accounts payable maintenance and purchase order tracking, as required.
  • Financial statements and detailed reports for use in managing your business.
  • Job and income center tracking for determining project and line profitability.
  • General ledger entries and end-of-year adjustments for depreciation, owner draws and investment, etc.