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Carmen Cooks 4U
About the Menus
Clients receive a menu, listing current entree choices. The menus change every three months. There are approximately 70 entrees to choose from on each menu. Clients are welcome to request foods prepared from their own recipes, or favorites from previous menus.

About Carmen
Cooking is my passion! I have collected, prepared and refined healthful gourmet recipes for the past thirty years.

These meals have been refined and perfected at numerous dinner parties and family gatherings. Many were served at my restaurant. I was a winner in a national pasta recipe contest. Another contest-winning recipe is my Rainbow Trout with Gingered Sake Sauce. I also have recipes in various other publications, such as Alice Bay Cookbook. The annual editions of Northwest Best Places consistently recommended Mountain Song Restaurant in Marblemount, of which I was co-owner/food manager for ten years. You may have seen the illustrated article written about me in the August 1990 Apropos magazine.

Continuing with my love for cooking, "Carmen Cooks 4U" provides in-your-own-home personal cooking for those who want to please their palettes with tasty food, but do not have the time to prepare it.

Client Comments
We really enjoy everything you make and the service is outstanding! -- B.G.

Dinner was quite wonderful! We had Apricot Glazed Chicken Breast. R___ ate the whole thing… well, almost. He did share a few bites with me! I shared a few bites of the Chicken- Artichoke-Mushroom Saute with him. It was heavenly! Thanks, it was a real treat! -- R.&R.

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