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Carmen E. Buchanan
PO Box 1436 --- Anacortes, WA 98221 --- USA
voice: 360-293-3264 --- fax: 360-588-8855
In-Your-Home Gourmet Personal Chef Service
I shop, then cook and freeze individually packaged meals for you
Now serving all of Fidalgo Island, including Anacortes, Skyline and Shelter Bay
  • Tired of cooking
  • Bored with dining out and tired of spending $$$
  • Tired of fast foods
  • No time to cook
  • Hate to clean your kitchen
  • Hate to shop
I can provide you with stress-free in-home Personal Cook services. Select from tasty entrees of beef, pork, lamb, poultry, seafood, pasta, casseroles, and vegetarian (plus accompanying side dishes), all prepared for you in your own kitchen.

You may choose your menus from the entree suggestions I provide, or let me prepare your favorites not on my lists. Foods are purchased fresh in the morning, then I come to your home with my own cookware & spices, and prepare the five different entrees that you have chosen (four servings of each entree). I freeze the meals and clean up the kitchen before I leave. At the end of your day, all you need do is select a labeled meal from your freezer and put it in the microwave to heat. You’ll enjoy delicious, healthy, preservative-free gourmet-style meals. It is like eating out, in your own home.

All meals are customized to your individual desires. I will ask you to complete a simple questionnaire covering your preferences in meal size, seasoning and nutrition concerns. We will meet to discuss these issues and get all your questions answered. Add up the hours you spend planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up, that is the time you can save! You will have time to enjoy your family. Time to actually sit and unwind.

For the first time, I will freeze your meals in one-use clear-covered microwaveable containers, at no cost to you. Thereafter, I will package your meals in fresh containers, billed to you at a nominal price. As economical alternatives, you may want to save and clean the plastic containers for re-use (they'll actually last for several times, depending on the care with which they are treated). Or, preferably, you might wish to invest in a supply of permanent dishwasher safe containers. Permanent containers will cost $60 to $100. You must have freezer space for 20 individual meals. I will need to use your kitchen for five to seven hours for your meal preparation, and we can schedule this prep day to be convenient for you.
The current cost for the 20 individual meals is $200, plus tax. This includes cost of the food purchased and all preparation, freezing and cleanup. If your family is larger or you wish meals prepared for others, the additional cost is $30 for five servings (one more portion of each of your selected entrees). These prices are based on an average food cost. If you consistently choose higher priced items, an additional fee will have to be charged.

Would you like to consider me your new kitchen gadget? I love to cook, and have many years of gourmet cooking experience with which to please your palette, including ten years operating a destination "best places" restaurant. I look forward to working with you.

For further information and to set up an appointment for us to talk about personal preferences, please call me at 360-293-3264, or send an email to
Let Carmen Cooks 4U be the other important PC in your life.
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